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Our eco-friendly welcome kit for new employees

Welcome Kits for New Employees | How to win them over with new employee swag

We get asked fairly often how we came up with the idea of creating welcome kits for new employees.  Want to know the answer?

We create welcome kits for new employees because new employees love swag!

Whether you buy branded office items for new employees or promotional items, or custom mug, t-shirts, or stickers, new employees love getting swag.  It helps them to start off feeling welcomed and as if they’re working for a nice, caring company.  Companies welcome new employees to their teams in a handful of different ways, including welcome lunches, letters from the CEO, and of course swag items and promotional products.  If you’re interested in creating welcome kits for new employees then you’ve come to the right blog.


While cheap personalized t shirts for new employees can do the trick, if you really want to WOW your new employee then please follow our golden rule.  Do not buy cheap swag that is low quality.  The best company swag for new employees will always be high quality so that it last a long time.  You want your employees to last a long time too, right?


Many large tech companies have been giving gifts to their new employees for years now, however due to high minimum order quantities required for swag items and promotional products this has been very difficult for smaller companies  who can use this form of new employee on-boarding just as much to attract and retain great employees to do.


Swag bag ideas for new employees is what we live and breath.  If you’re looking for 5 ideas for employee on boarding then please reach out and we’ll do a quick free assessment of your company culture and make some recommendations.  We’ve searched the planet for custom branded items that don’t have high order quantities so that we can bring cheap swag boxes for new employees to companies of all sizes, without sacrificing on quality.






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