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5 Ideas for Employee Onboarding

Are you looking for 5 ideas for employee onboarding or simple ways to make a new hire feel welcome?

You have many options, let’s go through five of them!


  1. New Employee Swag.  Simply put, new employees love swag.  Larger companies have putting putting together new employee swag for their new hire’s first day for a long time. so there’s nothing new here.  With recent technological advances it’s possible to order in smaller quantities, making this a great tool for smaller companies to welcome new employees.  Look at our Startup new employee swag box for an example.
  2. Put together a welcome kit for new employees with all of the essentials that they need for their first day.  This can include the necessities like their employee handbook, a letter from the CEO, branded notebook and pen, and possibly a few other branded office items for new employees.
  3. Order personalized office supplies for new employees.  If there’s one thing that makes someone feel special on their first day it’s knowing that their new company really cares about them and is ready to invest in them.  Swag should not be seen as a waste of money, but rather an investment.  You don’t want cheap swag boxes for new employees, you want affordable and high quality swag to show that you care.

Lunches are also a great way to make the new employee onboarding process more fun!

4. Create a buddy system.  It can be scary for someone to join a new company of any size.  Try pairing up new employees with someone in the office with a positive attitude that you think your new hire will get along with.  Want to do even more?  Let them go to lunch 3 times in the              first month and have the company pay for it.  This gives the new employee a support system day one.  Even more, it’s a chance for them to see that you’re a great place to work.

5. Put together welcome lunches!  On one of the first few days of your new hire’s employment pull together a group of people from around the company and take them all out to lunch.  Try to focus the conversation around the new employee so that they are given an opportunity to let             the others know who they are and what they like to do.  This will make finding friends much easier within the company.

Just like that, your onboarding process is more fun!

Swag bag ideas for new employees is what we live and breathe.  If you’re looking for 5 ideas for employee onboarding then please reach out.  We’ll do a quick free assessment of your company culture and make some recommendations.  We’ve searched the planet for custom branded items that don’t have high order quantities.  Don’t waste time searching for cheap swag boxes for new employees; let us do the work without sacrificing on quality.














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